$0 to $1M in 60 Days with Performance Creatives 
Learn the secrets to making ads that scale your brand 🚀
Are you a digital business owner looking to improve your creatives and scale your online revenue?
If you believe you should be making more than $1m to $25m annually and also have a handful of products you can scale but don’t know where to start—you’re already halfway into registering for this webinar!
🚨 Do you feel like your ads are eating up more money than they can return?

🚨 Are you not sure how exactly to translate your brand story into creatives that can capture and convert your target audiences?

🚨 Or worse, is your brand getting poached and drowned out by the competition?
Then what you need aren’t creatives that just look good
—but also perform GREAT! 🤑
"Great overall experience with Sudiyo and their videos are top notch. If you're looking to get video creatives for Facebook or TikTok, I recommend these guys"
Fabio Ottaviani, Dropshipper
Sept 2021

The virtual ocean of ads can drown your brand out. 
So what you’re going to need are profit-driven creatives that can convert!

But the biggest question every time is—where do you start?

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

 1. What successful eCommerce creatives look like

Hooks that make or break the ad 
     - How to get the hook, types of hook that works
What works and what doesn’t
     Do this, not this
Effective A/B testing
     - Modular placement

  2. Metrics and benchmarks
       —a deep dive in performance

  3. Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Video views
Trackable sales
Video ads made
Paid social spent
What can you expect from this webinar?
🔥 Practical plug-and-play tactics you can use right away

🔥 A handy downloadable checklist of must-dos for profitable creatives

🔥 Performance creatives best practices with examples

🔥 How to best leverage user-generated content

🔥 Dos and don’ts for stunning product photography

🔥How to optimize your direct video response ads

When is this webinar happening?
 Mark your calendar for 
May 17, 2022, Tuesday
6pm Eastern | 3pm Pacific
via Zoom
And what’s this about event-exclusive freebies?
If you decide to sign up for any of our Creative Plans within the webinar, you’ll be entitled to:

🦸‍♀️ FREE Ad Creatives Audit

📸 Complimentary Content Photoshoot

Cut through the noise and start making ads that make you money
About the Speakers
Joshua Chin | Chronos Agency

As Co-founder & CEO of Chronos Agency, Josh has led his company to deliver over $120M in annual email marketing revenue for DTC clients. He’s passionate about sharing the message of lifecycle marketing to help you grow your businesses and brands.
Eymel Daniel | Sudiyo

Dan has scaled Forchics from $0 to $27m in sales using the same ad frameworks used at Sudiyo. Now he's repeating his success with a new brand, and they are currently approaching $1M/ Month in revenue.
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